Sunday, October 25, 2009


It feels weird the fact that I am working tomorrow.

End of procastination and end of enjoying my shitload of holidays. I get about 3 months of holi, whereas others get two. One and a half to be exact. =P

And earlier I was at my auntie's place, Selayang.

When it was time to go home, Mother said, "Let's go [home] now. Sigh. Work tomorrow."

And I even manage to chip in a bit by saying, "Me too!". Funny isn't it.

My uniform is.. A white t-shirt, like the one I go to school, black slacks, black shoes. I'll be getting my bow tie tomorrow and a vest! Oh, and my name tag too.

I seriously feel like I'm not ready for this yet. I've said this a week ago, and I ended up starting this week.

But anyhoos, Pupu is joining me after her exams. So, hallelujah.

Good luck for exam tomorrow everyone, and goodluck to me. Job.


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