Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Working II

Aaaah. i didn't get the time to actually blog about my day 1. was effing tired and all I wanted was a nice hot bath, din din, and sleeeeeep. But anyways.. My job as a Waitress isn't that bad at all. apart from having miscommunication with other waiter because of poor language.. I guess everything's good! and oh.. the standing. I don't even wanna remember it.

Day 1.

My job starts at 12pm and ends at 9pm.

My first customer was nobody yet (haha) because I was only taught how to set the table only. Honestly, all these years I've been going and eating at Johnny's, I never knew how fussy they were with table settings. Like, the plates, bowls n all ave to be aligned with each other. The b.b plate and tissues have to be on the line (theres some line on every tables lah). and the chopsticks, which are placed on tissues must be on the left. Cannot close the logo. "Logo very expensive." that's what they say lah.

Besides table setting, I did some uber shitty job, which is standing for a few hours STRAIGHT, staplering like 6-7 books of errr order papers, or maybe wipe a few baskets of errr.. bowls, chopsticks, ladles, plates, etc (which I am still wiping today HAHA but not as bad as yesterday because I switch turns with Divish).

Then I had to serve food/drinks. I still have trouble with the food's name though I often eat there. basically my uncle owns the whole restaurant lah.

I mean, some food looks the same weeei. Like Prawn Fried rice with Belacan Sauce or Prawn fried Rice itself. Both looks the SAME. yep.

and I don't really like carrying the steamboat plates because there are like up to 20 stacks (which I usually divide them into ten-ten, so the stacks are shorter) and make Divish carry them. =P

DAY 2.

Aaaaah. My day today was fine. Funner compared to yesterday. I mean after all the standing and staplering, at least today I don't have to do that shitty job. LOL.

and I met more interesting ppl today (wtf).

My first customer was a table of ang-mohs. I didn't take their orders la (it's kinda tough when it comes to taking orders. I just stood by the another more experienced waiter. (story later a bit).

and um, they are DAMN nice people. before they left, it's like a courtesy to bid goodbye, tell them to have a nice day and please do come again. And this ang moh replied me like.. "Oh yeah sure thang sweetheart." .... I was like stunned, HAHA and laughed.

next was this Aussie couple, middle aged or something. He kept repeating the word 'mate' while speaking (jakun laaaaa).

And then my Mother called (since no cell phones allowed during work kan), and one of the dude, Raymond, he's so cute! Like.. Adorable cute. I think ge's indonesian. Ok anyways, he's so nice la. He told me my mother called and that time I was serving food. After picking the call, this Malay couple stopped me to ask for sauce refills. And he sempat to ask me also. Like.. "so, you just finished PMR is it? waiting for result? How was exam?" I was like.. 'Oh, not bad a." Padahal dalam hati cuak kot because.. nevermind. Then he asked me lah, "How long ahve you been working here?" Then I said lah, "this is my second day, sir. :):):)" And he was like, "Oh!!!!!!! Really??????? (like he was so interested to know wtf). How is it like here? Is it pressuring?" Blah blah. friendly kot.

And next was this.. errrr.. I think he's a tranny? I mean, he's really a dude, but he has boobs wtf. So nevermind. Shim was really friendleeeeeee..

Last was.. errr. Oh! This 4 dudes, who's like.. the softy type. HAHA. And I was kinda annoyed la. When I served their drinks, and they were busy camwhoring (yes, 4 dudes camwhoring), and another dude told me to go on serving la kan. And I had to sya out the names of the drink (essential procedure while serving), and the dude was like, 'Yes yes we know, darling." And his tone was really really sarcastic!! Gawd. Ok nevermind.

I guess that's day 2 lah.

i'm starting a lil bit earlier tomorrow. 11am and my day ends at 8pm.

Oh oh, if anyone actually bothers to come and visit me, do come next week okay? I'll be taking orders by end of this week. So.. Yay. I'm still taking orders-in-training. It's not easy.. trust me.


at the end of the day, I feel kinda lifeless. Because when I get home, I can barely walk (LOL), I go shower, makan and sleep. Wake up the next day, get ready, walk to Ampang Point, have my breakfast @ McD which costs me rm6 everyday wth. and then take a cab/bus to LRT ampang, whichever I prefer.. Must have mood.

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