Friday, October 30, 2009

Working IV - UPDATE

LOL. I missed out on yesterday's. But yesterday nothing much lo. Not many customers, so.. a little bit boring.

Mostly I did shitload of shitty work like drying the cutleries and stuffs. No more staplering stuff. YAY.

And more and more briefing.

Oh ya, one of the dude (ok their names so hard to remember loh!!) he asked us to like.. say "WELCOME!!!" like damn loud la when got customers masuk. So I asked him la, "Must scream ah?"

And u knoe what he said?

"What ice-cream?"

Then Divish and I laughed our asses off la. Which was kinda mean. LOL.

Then we explained to him lor, and he like damn pai seh adi.

Ok today morning lunch and evening not many people. Kinda boring and I wasn't walking at all. I was like... dancing. == dragging my feet instead of walking. very tired la ok! I wake up at 8 every freaking morning since tuesday. *dies

And yesterday was boring also. Tak banyak orang. When tak benyak orang, means very boring wan seriously because u either ended up learning product knowledge (can sleep), or drying the cutleries (legs can break). LOL.

And um.. I was so bored and sleepy, Divish said my face looks dead. Hmmph.

Weekend tomorrow :( But nasib la I work at 11-5 only. =P



I forgot to mention about Raymond.

He's one of the senior staff in Johnny's, and he's a really nice, friendly and adorable! He's from Sarawak. Initially I thought he was from Indo or something because he has that.. slang.

But then he kept asking me about my PMR, the subjects and he talked to me about SPM. And he said he loves sejarah when he was in high school.

I was like... O.o?>!?!? So I asked him, and yea. he's frolm Sarawak. :D

Christer, if u'd join me, u'd have a friend of the same kind. HAHAHAAH!!

But he has this funny haircut. The bowl hair cut. REALLY, NO JOKE. And he's leaving today :(

our Area Manager, mr Daniel moved him to Seremban because there's no senior staff there. So, bye bye Raymond! :D

He taught me a lot of pantry stuff. If it weren't him, or watching him, HAHA, I wouldn't have known how to make drinks n all. Wheeeeeeee.

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