Saturday, October 31, 2009

Work V

I have the weirdest customers today I tell you.

It's my first weekend, and it wasn't that bad la. Though I was a little bit moved about the whole "damn busy weekend" issue. It's just like normal more-customers day, only.. there are customers at odd hours. Hmm.

So okay, my first weird customer was two men.

One big sized black man. And his friend was an unknown human-form creature. No lah. I just din know what he was. He has this weird slang.

Anyways.. While I was serving them their Mango Salad (see! memory so good), the unknown human form was like, "Yes!! Finally it's here! I've been waiting for youuu!" I guess he meant 'You' as in the Mango Salad because he wasn't that excited upon seeing me. LOL.

Then after that he asked me.. 'Excuse me.. but I was wondering, what is your nationality??"

Okay. that was an odd question to ask, but I guess I gotta get used to it because most of the waiter/waitress here are foreigners, which I don't really wanna know where they're from. LOL.

"I'm a Malaysian, local."

And he sez... "REALLY? but you look like you're from Thailand!!"

"I do?? Okay to be honest.. I don't really see the difference between Thailand people and Malaysians. "

And the black dude goes.. 'yeah yeah!!!!! *semangat berkobar-kobar siotttt* You are right!! Fantastic. Good answer good answer!!"

I was like.. Uhhhhh..... okay, and give my most gelak-tak-ikhlas, as Afiq would usually.. more like always say.

And while I "laughed", he saw my braces and he went.. "Eh!! You have braces. We have same face!" Yea, he has braces on too. But he didn't have to go too overjoyed about it.

Then he asked my age. I [had to] say that I'm sixteen, and he went.. 'Oh!! I am 17!"

I wanted to like literally give my longest swt face ever. but you know. 4 golden point. one of it is SINCERE SMILE. terpaksalaaaaaaah.

Next was another black dude. He started speaking to me in Chinese.

I couldn't udnerstood him at first because I cannot hear him la! I mean.. suddenly a black dude start speaking to u in Chinese. He can't even master his English. wth.

And all he asked wuz... "ni hao ma?" WTF.

Next was 3 Malay dudes. I guess they're the friendliest customers I've ever took orders from and served. Yeps.

But they kinda wasted 15 minutes of my time -___________-

Initially they wanted steamboat. And they asked me whether thye have to cook it themselves, or we do it for them. I mean like DUH sure la they cook themselves kan? And the dudes said, "Aiyaaaa.. if kena masak sendiri then I don't want la. But if you masak boleh ajaaaa!" LOL.

And they were like.. "Eh, Ellise ah? Come join us la!" I was like oh I cannot, actually 5pm my time to balik ady.

And they were like.. 'Oh aiyo aiyo okok! Wah like that lagi la free boleh join us!" LOOOOOOOL.


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