Saturday, October 31, 2009

a dedication post

Few days ago.. Before I went to work, I had a few more minutes la. So I decided to go for a quick online trip.

See see I got one new message in my facebook inbox. Odd, because I hardly receive messages on facebook.

In case you can't read the message title (it's kinda blurry). it says :

Only to !Elle and no one else.

I was like, shocked and felt rather peculiar because.. William, sending me a message on fb. Okay so I thought it was going to be something important.. but here's the content!

(.. Click to enlarge ..)

I was sooooo touched after reading it, I could literally shed happy tears. Nobody's said that to me for the apst few days! :( And I really felt like I was slowly fading away and people and friends are gonna like forget about me or something.

but awwww. Thank you William! ANd we will webcam again some other time (:


btw, william, I'm glad to have you as a friend too. :D

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