Friday, October 16, 2009

Stalkers. UPDATE

Hellooooooow *loud, yelling scream like how I always greet Afiq*. Since PMR is freaking over, I should feel happy right right right right right?

Oooooh, but nooooo. Some people just got to crush all of my happy moments. Yes, you there. I'm talking about you!

But heeey, although War is over, it does not seem like it at all. Like, at all. After weeks and months of anticipating the day War ends, it doesn't seem liberating at all. I am no longer attending school, and the feeling of it is like skipping school, or just the plain ol' holidays. Monotonous and utterly tedious.

I get up either in the morning or the afternoon, slump myself on the couch, shower, eat and most essentially- go online. EVERYDAY. Unless I go to outings.

Anyways, as much as I want to talk about stuffs, I can't. I knowwww *squeals like a bimbo*. I'm learning how to control my anger now. *thoughts to self : they do not worth my time and energy anyway.*

*reading back my post makes me realize how bad my grammar is ==


OMG. Who's pissing who off now? And if you want to lie, do it to someone who is seriously dumb and naiive.

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