Sunday, March 29, 2009


I'd like to thank Aunty Sherin (Christy's mom), and Aunty Carol (Pupu's Mother AKA my mother in law XD) for spending money on food for the three of us (Pupu, Christy and I).

I enjoyed my stay @ Christy's place, enjoyed my swim and humping on Pupu's back (LOL!), and enjoyed the lunch @ some Thai restaurant, enjoyed my Earth-Hour moment and the wonderful dinner, enjoyed watching I Am Legend (ending sucks gila babi), enjoyed my sleep time and rampasing the blanket away from everyone, enjoyed my brreakfastlunch @ Aeon Setiawangsa Wendy's, enjoyed my another meal with my girlfriends; we ate strawberry and marshmallow dipped in chocolate (fantasticooo), then enjoyed my time @ Bukit Jalil swimming (then again, humping and being humped on each other LOL!) and enjoyed my most satisfying dinner in Cheras (how it feels like home) and the feeling of eating Crabs again, enjoyed my ride back home singing with the girls, and most importantly, enjoyed being pampered with foods.

Thank you all T_T And thank you my mom for bawaking her face to Aunty Sherin's house. LMAO.



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