Monday, March 30, 2009

Why am I so pissed today.

  1. I do not live in Kuala Ampang like some classmate do.

  2. I do not own a car, therefore, I cannot drive to school. If I have one also I can't freaking drive it because I have no license!!

  3. I dont have some sort of driver, or my parents to drive me to school and back home. I only have a bus.

First, I repeat, I don't live nearby Kuala Ampang. I can walk home from school, but I have to cross 2 big roads which is pretty scary, and I have to walk back home through the back way! Which means, I have like a very high chance of possibilities I might get raped or even kidnapped!!!

Unlike other classmates, either they live in Kuala Ampang, which is sekentut away from school, or they have their parents sending them home. Unlike me, my parents are too busy making money while I have to take the bus. The KA-ers can juwst walk home, and plus, they have their friends to walk home together since they live so near, kan?

Next, dah tahu class finishes at 2.25, she can extend the masa as she like!! She even said, "I don't have any trouble going back, only you people are rushing. Ok now lets continue with the paper."

HELLO?!?!? Too many numbers in her brain dah ke? Maths took over her brain ke? She have a bluuurdey car, and I have a Bus driven by a lady which is halfway through her menopause, and she hates waiting for people!! And the she... She can drive back home, if i have a car or living super nearby, I don't mind staying til late or extend my masa.

And the people who live in Kuala Ampang, please lah, be considerate a bit, You're living sekentut away only. You ppl know that it's 2.30 already, then quit asking questions la. Like repeating questions and all. I know ya'll very semangat to do the questions. but please k? Think of others too. Not yourself.LOL.

K whatever, m going to eat, shower, sleep and tuition.


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