Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Am I dead yet?

Hello peeps. I just noticed that most of my recent blog posts is about school school school school and more school. Well, I can't help it that I go to school 5 times a week, and everything wow-i-fying that happends in my life is all about school!

And for the past few weeks lah, my class EVERYDAY kena scolding kao kao from teachers. Seriously all the rants is just the SAME.

1. Not completing homework. Seriously, I admit, I'm one of the hantu-hantu tak siap kerja. But unlike today during Geography, I really really dunno where the heck my paper gone to T.T nemai, my fault for being too clumsy.

2. Never pass up our books, or pass up our books but never complete the work. Another rant. Well, usually I complete my work and pass up, if I didn't complete it what for lah wanna pass up? Make teacher more bising. As long as I complete it, don't matter when I pass it up! LOL.

3. Super bluuuurdey noisy in class. Like duh, cannot help it lah. Especially during Moral today. Everyone was so bluurdey pissed at the teacher. According to Miss Big head Bimbo, Moral is suppose to be an easy and relaxing subject. But it ain't relaxing when she starts to yap yap yap and keeps telling us to shut up when the noise is at minimun level! Gawddddd.

4. The sampahs we make in class and lazy to clean the class. LOL, actually, we CAN study in a not-so-clean enviroment. Because we just don't bother about the sampahs. LOL, sometimes we do when it gets too dirty >.< 3 Jujur bad habits! LOL. And we can't help it but EAT when class starts to bore everyone, and we eat instead of sleeping!! See, at least we don't sleep in class. But we eat to tahan the hunger and stay fresh in class! :P

5. Comparing us with 3Ikhlas and 3Setia. Well, I find this annoying, and at the same time funny. I felt annoying simply because we're not them, and we have our own "habits". All the teachers that rant to us and comparing us with other form 3's, all same rants. Like how we're sooo noisy, and we never compelte homework. Lemme give ya some examples. (I'm not pissed or anything, I find this a great laugh @_@)

During BM,

Teacher : 3 JUJUR! Heish why are you all so noisy? Don't understand BM ah? You know, I enter 3ikh/set, I feel very peaceful! But when I teach your class, I feel so stressed up/tension! too noisy!
Class : *diam diam*
T : And you girls ah! 3ikh girls when they enter class, they sit down quietly and listen, but you girls talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalk*drags* non stop!!
C : *errr tahan gelak sikit

LOL. Sorry lah 'cher! We just loveeeee talking. Thats why girls have two mouths :P *faham faham la

Science pulak,

T : Class! Why didn't you complete your work? Do you know, Ikhlas can finish their homeworks completely and pass it up on time! Why can't you follow them?? You're in Jujur, not Setia! You should be better than them!
C : errrrrr *awkward silence.

Many many more lah!

And the ranting and complains we've been getting from teachers. All started from talking, then tegur us a bit, den tegur us more, and start scolding, more harsh scolding, and now yelling >.< aaaah, gettin kinda used to it nowadays.


Besides school, lemme talk about more school. A friend of mine, same as Pupu, well we kinda did something which was meant to be a good thing, but I guess it turned our to be a bad thing!

Since the thing happened, I've been getting cold sarcasms from her, and lucky you Pu for not being there, or else U gotta listen to the harsh sarcasms. Usually when people use sarcasms, I'll sure fight back one. But somehow, this issue la, I don;t feel like fighting back. A-la Beatles. Let it be (:

Like in the morning, when Pu just arrived to the canteen,

Friend : Neh, another jahat(evil/bad) one.
Me : Ala, don't lile that la.

She was reffering to Pupu as the jahat one. Hello, means I'm also jahat la? We're just helping you, and we got called jahat in return. Buat baik dibalas jahat T.T

Then during tuition with Friend, there was an awkward silence la, so I decided to just ask a random question.

Me : So, did u take a nap just now? You look like U just bangun from tidur.
Friend : Yeah, I did. And I even dreamt of killing you! Just kidding.
Me : oh, wow.

Yelah, killing me kan? Takpe! Sabar only.

And in school, in the morning la, she didn't seem like talking to me. She is, but like nak tak nak je. So I asked her la,

Me : Weih, u wanna talk to me or not? You seem like wanna talk but don't wanna talk only.
Friend : No la, actually I don't feel like talking to you also.
Me : Oh? Ok so I leave lah then.
Friend : Ok leave la.
Me : ............................*walks away*

Erk. Well, if dah menyampah sangat tu, say la awal awal. Buat penat myself only berfikir about this stupid issue. Padahal Pu and I was just helping our friend.

Well, Pupu and I as her friend, we've done our part by helping her and looking after her. But in return we kena liddis. Ala The Beatles, let it be. Some day she'll finally understand and hoping that she'll appreciate what we've done for her.

We're just being caring. And sad to say, I guess it's pretty my fault and the whole thing should be blamed on me because I was the one instigating Pu to tell her mother. Well, technically. If pu wouldn't have told den nothing would have happened, kan?

8 years being friends, you think it's worth it to end it all?

Maybe Pu and I we're being too busybody with someones life, but at the same time maybe we over-cared for some friend that we love a lot.

Hmm, alah, I currently dont wanna bother bout this issue now. All I'm thinking about now is finishing my damn Seni folio. Fuckity.

Left two section. Which is my final Box and my Colouring! Damn I suck at it. Im gonna make someone help me again.

Tamy? :(



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