Friday, April 3, 2009


Im so sedih now.

I'm so sad.

I cut myself like twice yesterday T_T

And not to forget I even bruised myself once.

And my Mother found out (ok I told her la) and she told me to apply some cream.

I did, the magic worked for a while.

Today it got worse. Red spots appearing.

Called my Mummy and she said it's internal bleeding.

She said I hurt myself too much.

I guess I did.


Unintentionally :P

HEHEHHEHEE. Suspending leh. I'm not that bodoh to cut or hurt myself intentionally la.

Scene 1

I was doing some paper stuff, holding and molesting each paper in my hands, and suddenly my pointer felt itchy. So i decided to scratch it without looking at it. LOL. And It hurt!! And when I see, theres a cut T_T So I guess it's paper cut, since I was handling papers earlier.

Scene 2

After handling papers, paper cuts and all that shit, I was told forced to clean the plates and all. And some food which I don't have to throw, I needa put it in a bowl and use a cling wrap to wrap it. While tearing the cling wrap thingy, I accidentally tore my skin also, LOL. And it's starting to bleed!! So I kinda screamed a bit asking Den Den for plaster or what!! And Apple was like WHO'S SCREAMING? LMAO.

Scene 3

happends way before scene 1 and 2. It was around everning, and the cleaners was around. I saw a huge (ok very very tiny) green bug on the sofa. So I took the pillow beside me and smack it off! And i hugged the pillow back. While hugging, I saw the bluurdey bug on the pillow!! It's like staring right at me!! (ok I can;t even find the eyeballs so what) and i threw the pillow away, and wanting to avoid the pillow and the bug, I didn't notice a bucket of water INFRONT of me, and BANGGGGGG BUSHHHH DUSSHHHH my feet terlanggar the damn beside my ankle! Lucky it was not on my ankle. That explains why I've been ouching in school.

Not to forget, some of my classmate even laughed at me for being so careless! Thanks to some that actually simpati-ed me. HEHEHEHE.

Then la, I was @ school and I was raba-ing my face, and I felt like a mountain on above my mouth, below my right nose, theres a bump on it. And I was guessing it's a pimple. it is btw.

So I borrowed Christer's mirror, and I was likE WHAT THE HELLLL BLuRDEY BIG PIMPLE!!!!!! And they laughed again. Damnnn T_T

So I decided to press it, and the guys really really sibuk wanna see. Geli lah!!

So I went to sit with Pravin and I pressed my pimple. I know it's bad but my finers r soooo itchy!!

And i pressed,

AND IT GOT BIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well thank God now it's fine. Im hungry T_T



Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I wanna say bunch of thank yous to Tam Tam Tamy for helping me to complete my Seni Folio for my Illustration section, thanks a bunch, and thanks for helping a bit more with my Final Reka letak ^_^

Next, Thanks to Christer Berubanz for helping me with my Seni Folio also for my Muka Taip section. Cute fonts! And also thanks for helping me do re-draw my Final Box design :D Eventhough it's ugly and the color doesn't match HAHAHA But thank u :D

Next, Thanks to Rajeshi and Vanessa for colouring my Olahan Warna section :D Love you guys.

And lastly, Thanks Pupu for nearly helping me with the colours. Sorry lah but Rajeshi wanted to colour so much ^_^

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