Friday, March 13, 2009


Yay! Finally, after so long waiting for holidays, finally it's here!

Elle is wishing everybody a happy 1 week holidays! Ima gonna spend my holidays fun-ly, and nothing can ruin my holidays.

I was sorta sick in school. Thanks to a few classmates who forced me to come (ehemmmm), and i was like, half sick. Popped in two panadols during English, after that i was sorta okay. After recess, the non-Malays were suppose to be in the library. We had some activity.

At first, i was like, oh goshhhh not another trying-to-be-fun-but-boring kinda activity, but it was fun! Go awesome. Will blog about it much later when I get the picssss.

So anyways, after school I went home, lunched and all, popped in another two panadols and Sleeep. Skipped tuition, and here I am blogging now.

tomorrow, imma go out to lepakzzzzz. Omgee ignore me typing with alot of z's.

And I'm meeting Dilalalalalala Dodola! I miss my Daddy <3<3<3

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