Sunday, March 15, 2009

Missing the old days.

I was talking to my old best friend S. And sudden feeling of emo occured.

You see, I don't know how we've met. i can barely remember.

It started with one girl, H, we started as friends when I first moved to Ampang. I lived in Cheras until I was 3. So when my apartment I am living now, the house was fully painted, cleaned, furnished and extra cleaning again, I went downstairs to play at the playground.

Back then, the playground was filled with kids, teenagers, maids and people doing their jogs and walks, and theres many kitty cats around to play with. The most happy hour was from 5-7.

Anyways, I went downstairs, and I saw this girl who looked like my age, short haired and petite. I didn't know her then, so WE decided to go and introduce ourselves, and from that moment, we're friends already and we started playing in the playground.

Years passed, we always lepak in each other's house almost everyday after school. We've been through many fights and arguments, but after a day or two, we're back to happy hour from 5-7.

More years passed, and a girl moved to my Apartment block, and she live jsut right below me. I think I was 11 by that time. Her mother put her in the same school I was in, and she introduced us. It was awkward at first, but somehow S and I manage to overcome the awkwardness because we ride the same bus together to school.

So, I was soo excited to have a new friend in the neighbourhood, I introduced S to H. And immedietly we clicked! Since we're big already, theres no more happy hour from 5-7. Happy hour now is from 8-10/11/12 or 1 on weekends. Somehow, our parent's don't mind us lepaking til late night. That's because our territory is just right infront of our houses, and our patens can easily see us from the balcony.

Many things happen during that period of time. Fights, arguments, backstabbings, having boyfriends, and gossiping. Oh yeah, when the Sports Planet was finally done (it's right infront of my apartment), we started playing futsal. Yes I know it's hard to believe that now because I hate sports nowadays.

Then one day, H brought her schoolfriend over to sleepover, and she decided to "share" her friend with us. Her name is Z. She's tall and pretty, and I've blogged about her before. She joined our futsal team, and we became super good friends after that. We often lepak together, talk and laugh until one of us vomit (like seriously it happened before).

Pejam celik mata, it's 2007 already. Z, H and my first year in high school. S is one year older than us, so you do the math. S moved to Pahang to study in MRSM, Z went missing after her whole family-drama thing, and H and I still hangout sometimes, somehow after that we stopped contacting. It's not like we're not friends, I do talk to her online sometimes, sometimes.

No more futsals, no more gossips, boyfriends and all those fun stuff.

I was talking to S earlier, and I still am now, and she asked me whether I wanna go and hang out together again like last time.

Babe, it's been 3 years since we've met, sit down and talk, or even meet face to face for more than 10 minutes. And suddenly I'm asked to and hang out together. Truth is, I really miss you girls. I miss all the fun time we had. My friends now, they're very different. Not in a bad way. I mean, life is not like last time anymore.

Time flies real Quick, S. and time makes us grow more apart than ever. It's awkward, and things can not be the same like how it used to anymore.


So, Z ans H still remained buddies since they go to the same school. S went to Setapak school, and I'm still stuck here. And to tell everyone the truth, I never go to the playground anymore since 2007 unless I'm just pasing through the field, and temaming MJ and Christy to go kitty hunting.

For 9 years I've been friends with them, and I am still very close to S.

and for 9 years, we indirectly taught each other many things. Like, during that 9 years, I brushed up my BM until my BM was even better than my English, they taught me how to play futsal, we learned about friendship and stuffs.

Things are very different now til we can't compare with when the time we're young. Making friends was the awesome-est thing ever.

But now? Making friends.......... errrr? What languages does she speak? is her English perfecT? Is she a Lala? how does she dress up? where does she go shopping to?

Ergh. so complicating.

- Elle.

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