Thursday, March 26, 2009

I survivied

Seni class today. WOOOT. Thanks to Tamy for helping me a lot :D I really liked ur ginger bread man soaked inside the tea cup, and the large giant biscuit with a fat chubby girl on the top. LOL.

And FYI Tam-tam, I'm using three of the pictures you drew for me. Awesomeness, even the GUYS said it was cute. And Denise's *cough* *cough* said it was nice. WAY TO GO TAM-TAM! LOL.

School was fine I guess. Rained like poops. How nice to sleep hor.

Today we had this Fire Drill, and it was so fucking hot in the field, i can feel my legs burning. Ok it was like an open-air Sauna.

Americans will sure love to tan themselves under the sun. Like seriously, we have original tan. quick, and lasts long. LMAO.

Waimin got burned terribly. He went from White to Dark Brown almost Black, and that wasn;'t racist. LOL.

Before that, we had some STUPID, MEANINGLESS WASTE OF TIME SHIT in the hall, for some lame talk about Safety in school n all. Seriously my leg was cramping. It seemed like the school has got more and more students. No lah, still 400+ just that, we we're forced to sit closely and squishy-ly, my leg hurts like fuck and I gotta bare with it -_- How nice if we were supplied with chairs huh. LOL.

I mean, I appreciate the fact that they sanggup go to our super ulu school, and give a speech, but seriously don't waste ya time telling us shits cuz we ain;t listening yo. LOL.

The fire drill was so HOT k. I was halfway doing my Seni, seriously for ONCE i very semangat and rajin to do Seni. Muka focus lagi tu. Suddenly people started screaming FIRE FIRE!!! and I was like what turf? and people start running down, and baru I found out theres a fire drill. CHEY.

It was OK i guess. Iman was so funny, he became joker of ze year. HAHAHAHAA.

And today, I'd like to wish,



IMAN : Hari ini merupakan hari-kedua bersejarah bagi Iman Faez. 3 Jujur, you know what I mean :P



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