Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tempting lah!

I know I know. I vowed to spend more time on my books. But why you people out there have so many...interesting events!

  1. Dinie's Perfume Party

  2. Relatives from Perak coming down to KL. First to celebrate the daughter, Joanne's birthday. They're coming down to KL on Friday, and birthday celebration on the same night. Saturday is a MUST shopping day.
................. But. Dinie's Perfume Party lies on the same day as Shopping day! Dilemma dilemma. I'm torn between two. Either shopping or Party.

But Party = no nais baju to wear, friends going there I'm not close with (except Dinie, but he's sure busy with entertaining people!)... Shopping, on the other hand. I haven't been going shopping much for the past few months! Need new tops, new jeans, and and and... new inner-wear! Really really dilemma.

Oh well. But my decision is leaning towards Shopping.. Sorry Dean :-(

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