Sunday, August 16, 2009

zniff sniff

Hows that ^ for a lesbiany act with sister #1?
Can I make this picture through the school magazine?
Lesbian Sisters. Boo narrow minded people :)

Life is nothing but sheer awesomeness despite the nerve-wrecking PMR Trials on the upcoming Monday ^_^

Apart from that, I'd extremely love to congratulate Demi for her new found love =P And.. her being my new bff ^_^ She can be very...fierce, abusive and harsh sometimes =P but I find her very nice to talk to. And when is my turn to have my new found love? *cough cough cough*.

Many things happened lately, and I have no time to blog about it. Or maybe.. I'm lazy to blog about it. but the highlight of the month has got to be the car-crash-slash-accident I got into with my aunties and mother and uncle. it was the worst day of the year, and... and... well, I'm lucky I came out alive.

And not all Malaysian people are mean and selfish okay? during the accident, on the spot, an Indian guy on a motorbike came down and helped us with the door. Since the impact was so hard on the back side of the car, the dent went to the door, and we can't open it. But my side was fine. The Indian dude had to force me out of the car, as I was in a complete utter bewilderment. My aunt and I had a bad bang on the head during the hit. But nontheless, I have to thank the Mr. Unknown Indian man for helping us out. We didn't manage to get his name or what so ever, because he rode off shortly after we were all feeling better.

What a nice dude. Only if all Malaysians are like him ^_^ I'd be inspired =P


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