Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A taste of Heaven


Remember when I posted about how heavenly McDonalds is?

Yes people. it is, McDonalds Delivery! They are so fast I tell you! Well duh, since Ampang Point is sekentut away from my house, sure lah fast, kan?"

Those were my exact words taken out from the old post on MCD. Yes, they used to be soooo fast, until some time now.

They stop sending my food fast...

And best,


What kind of service are they giving to people huh? And this is so not the first time, but this is the SECOND time!

Ok maybe they have tons of orders coming in. But what IF they forget like another bunch of hundred people out there (besides me)???? Yea yea MCD, just because bazillion trillion (an exaggeration) people orders food from you and it does not make any BIG difference if you don't deliver our food. But have you thought of US??

Anyways, yesterday, I ordered MCD. McDelivery, duh. TWO (hungry) hours later, some dude called me, saying they JUST received my order form?? WTH. I told them to cancel, forget it and I hung up. Craaaaazy!


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