Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things to do... but

very LAZY!

Have to dye my hair to black. But Mommy insisted on using dark brown colour to dye.

Her reason?

1. Buying black colour is wasting money (Rm30, mind you)

2. "Aiyah, Dark Brown can lah! Almost black also what!"

Reason I still have not dyed....

1. Mummy lazy, I also lazy

2. No time.

3. Basically we're just a family of lazy people.



In case you wonder, why my Mother can waste a whole RM30 on a hair dye, and to even dye my hair, well, I used her dye (happen that she bought the wrong colour, so I used it, and it saves money (y)), and I don't go to shops and dye. My mother does it for me (see, more saying money yeah))

Obviously, there are a few many teachers complaining already about my hair. Not that I don't want to dye, but my extremely lame, yet true reasons are already stated above. I mean, I can't tell my teacher that we're a family of lazy people right?! I mean are you out of your mind wtf

Even one suggested I dye it by myself. Another stupid suggestion. Even my Mother made a big fuss about washing the hair after dye, not to touch my scalp, etc etc, and now I have to dye myself? Oh God.

Hey hey guess what my mom is doing now exactly at 2.25pm? She's sleeping on the couch!\ wtf

LOL. Anyways, it's not that I don't wanna dye back and show off how cool my brown hair is. I'm starting to dislike it more since my roots are showing.

Roots = Fucking Ugly

Wait, I could've just said roots are Fugly, but I Frenched on purpose LOL.


p/s : my Mother even said 'Aiyah, I dye the outside only. Inside cannot see one. Malas lah."

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