Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss me!!

haha! Well, as everyone know, I'll be very very away from the 24th Apr-29th Apr, for some camp.

Yadda yadda yadda I know I swore to myself that I'll never go to any camp ever in my life until i get out from school (ok fine I actually just swore to myself I wouldn't go to any camp, anymore)

But i swear to you!! This time is different. It's some camp about and for Debate. So, it's kinda like a Debate Camp. But I detest it when people say it's Debate Camp, because it sounds all nerdish and geeky. So, lets just call it a camp for Debate @______@

Or.... we'll jsut stick to the Debate Camp. hmm.

Anyways, it'll be held in University Islam Antarabangsa Malausya (UIA/UIAM).

I'm pretty excited about it, but yet I'm kinda sad to leave.

  1. I'm the only girl. Which means, I;m sleeping alone. If i'm not sleeping alone then I'll be sleeping with a room filled with unknown girls, but still I am considered alone because I will be lonely if I didnt get any friends, because probably most of them will be in their own groups n clicques, and discussing about their debates and all, leaving me shaking forward backward at one corner.

  2. I'll be leaving my awesome friends around. Nothing is fun without them. All of them. Not that Dinie, Waimin Iman and the gang is not fun or what. But, I'll really miss my other friends. Like, Dwayne, Divish Mark Sam Sam and they all. I'll miss bullying them :( Ok nemai since now I have more fishes to fry then HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA prepare to face your worst nightmare Waimin,. Kidding.

  3. What if there are ghost or those THINGS there? I'm really scared and phobia about this kinda things. And seriously I got freaked out by one story my Sister told me last night, and I seriously cannot sleep and I nearly begged her to sleep with me. But she did not. I decided to sleep on the sofa until my sister is done with her online online and porn then drag me to my room. By 1.30a.m I was asleep like a dead log, and around 4.30am Denise woke me up and dragged me to my room. And I tell you, when i went to school, I wasn't sleepy at all and I feel so, freshed. Maybe the weather in the morning, was rainy and cold, I love the rain, and cold. i hate sun. Sun and brightness gives me Sweat and it gives me a headache. Omg im so out of the topic already. but really, what IF??? What IF i get scared in the room alone? I''' be calling Dinie and talk to all of them until eventually I fall asleep, and I don't care bout wasting my credit, I'll ask my mom to reload for me the next day T.T

  4. And, what if middle of the night, I want to go pee Pee? I pee a lot, don't blame me. Blame my super thin urinary bladder and sensitive vagina and my frequent thirst, I keep pee-ing. So, does that mean I have to cut down on peeing now? What if I need to shit, and I go to the loo on my own, and never go out of the toilet because some hand pulled my ass into the toilet bowl and I can't manage to pull myself back up and I just die there?? TOUCH WOOD. Then my classmates which hate me can let out a sigh of relieve and happiness because I'm gone. but don't play play you bitches I'll come back and haunt you til you come down with me LOL

  5. I don't get to eat pork. HAHA ok this is so out of the topic and no link at all. It's been like 3-4 days I haven't been eating pork and who cares I'm still alive baybehhh and fo shizzle I'll be bringing lotsa junk food there and fat myself, and my friends there. I know you that i sayang you allz alot, kan? :)

  6. Lets talk about the good stuff. I don't know which bag to bring there. At first I thought of bringing my luggage, it's not THAT big, it's medium size, but I wont be able to carry it because I'm so gedik I hate carrying heavy stuff. Pfft. So Denise gave me a brilliant Idea, saying that I should just bring the smaller luggage which wasn't the square type, but it's shaped like the normal hand-carry ones only they have wheels and I can pull or push them around, yay, and bring my school bag because it's big enuf to dump all my shits there. No, not literally tou dufus.

  7. erm, I can't really dig out the good stuffs about it T.T

  8. I'm bringing hairdryer, and my kind and lovely husband is borrowing me her hairdryer, because her's is smaller, and lighter. So, I'm lending her my hairdryer, because mine is bigger and heavier T.T

  9. I'll miss my mommy. maybe I'll force her and my sister to come visit me or something and get me some bajus or food, or pork, or my friends. aaah I wanna cry already.

  10. Well, I hope this camp works out great, and wish me having fun there, no bitching n stabbing unless bitching about how stupid the oppos are HAHAHAHA kidding.
    Errrrrr ok til my next post.

Things I need to blog about :


Ergh, Pictures Dinie!! Picturessss.


Eh, I'm lazy to edit it again and add summore.

I will be not-entering class for the next two Thursdays (this week and the next).

I wouldn't say I'm skipping school because that makes me sound so, bad, and, not good.

I wont be coming this week because my mummy is taking me out, to go shopping.

And as for next week, my 'camp' ends on the 29th, which is a Wednesday. And Thursday is like my rest/off day.

So, I'm declaring my own holiday, LOL.

See ya'll!

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