Monday, April 20, 2009

The day I was Abused.


Yes, they poked me with a toothpick T_T

then they pulled my hair

then they smacke me with my mini super blinged comb, and the result is like this :

took this picture earlier in the afternoon.

I swear to myself I can't even sleep.

Err, well, I think so.

To be continued..

Omaigod before someone come and sue me or this news spread to the whole school lemme be honest you with people la my classmates did not abuse me i know they very sayang me one because i always fat them with food food and more food

and I photoshopped that picture.

No wait, Pupu photoshopped that picture. I only know how to liquify or ruin a picture HAHAHAHAA

and my classmates did not smack me with a comb wtf I smacked them T.T

and btw heres the original picture

Hahaha I know!! it's so exaggerating right?
the power of photoshop!


And that picture, I was pinched by some teacher because I was talking.
TALKING WTF i wasn't screaming or shouting like someone who kena sawan babi also what turf.

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