Sunday, April 19, 2009

I don't have a topic. I don't know what to put as my topic.

Anyways, it's a few minutes to 12, and I'm not asleep yet. Normally this is not my sleeping time, because I usually sleep later than this, unless I am really really tired. but I am sleepy already, just that, I'm lazy to sleep, because theres so many things to do, yet so little time.

On Saturday, my outing with ze bomb guys and Dikshana, we were in Pavilion, we were in Times, where I bought my awesomely great book, titled, The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-time, by Mark Haddon. He's autistic, so is his character in the book, Christopher.

That book, is seriously one of a kind book, something that I've never read before. His book chapters doesn't start with plain ol' 1,2, or 3's. They start with Prime Numbers.

Enough about that book.

So, after I was left all alone by ze not so bombed guys anymore, they went back, duh. I decided to lurk around Kinokuniya, where I was stalked, and stopped by a beyond utterly weird person in checked green shirt.

While I was looking around, I saw this great book, with an amazingly great cover. Hey, appearance do count K. And I read a bit a bit, and I decided to just buy it, since my Mother was already in KLCC.


Oh-em-gee why am I talking about books now.

Actually, my main purpose to blog now is because I have soo much things to say, and I'm just filling up this blog since Pupu is so darn lazy *smacks butt and run away*, and let me just update you on Pupu's current life.

SHE'S BUSY WITH CHORAL SPEAKING WTF JUST SHADDAP ALREADY AND READ MY POST hahaha kidding but really, she doesn't even step into this blog unless I tell her to :( and I'm serious about her being busy with Choral Speaking. Wish our school luck for the competition on the 25th.

Continueation with my ter-potong story.

I have many things to talk about school also. Apple once told my sister that this blog is filled with bombings and bitchings about people and school, school school and more school.

What turf. I go to school everyday (ok fine fine 5 times a week occasionally 6 times), and school is where all of my dramas start and ends, usually it never ends, and my social life is in school apart from the internet, but internet also I socialize with school-friends! And at home I usually sleep or eat, or hang on the internet or just watch tv. Theres nothing to talk about home, unless boredom boredom and boredom.

I love school, seriously, and I enjoy all the dramas I'm in because school life without all those sugar and spices or ups and downs(like aaall the boring people say), it's just plain boring!

Ouch now that sounds like I go to school just because of friends and not studying, and here I am again, complaining and ranting on my own.

Pfft. Typical Malaysian student huh. Unless you're the hardcore Sejarah type, then you wont be going to school for friends. Ask any Malaysian Students why they go to school for and one of the answers is fo shizzle to see friends!

Ohhh yesssssssssss, my daily routine at home doesn't include doing homework, or revising chapters et cetera et cetera. Because, I do it in school! LOL. (ok fine fine only my classmates can know about this because if I reveal to the whole world about my secret, it will be such an embarrassment and disgraceful of me!)

So, um.... Recently, since Pupu's surprise birthday celebration, I've been fatting myself with food. Seriously rounds after rounds after rounds. This week itself, I've eaten McD twice, Nando's once (even took a bit of Dikshana's leftovers OHMYDOG im so nasty wtf!)

And not to forget, I eat more junk food in school! I'm so mad I know but I'm seriously cutting down on food in school and more water :D

Talk about school, classmates, hmm.

Too much to say.

Too private and too much bitching to do.

Bloggit in Private blog.

It's getting late so I'm ending this post.

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