Saturday, April 18, 2009

While I was walking alone

Stranger : *stopped me* Weh, aku kenal kau ke?
(translation : Wei, do I know you?)

Me : *thinking, why would a stranger stop me and ask me who am I? Confusedly,* HUH? *While giving my most scared and what the fuck look since he looked like a teenage rapist in the making*

Stranger : Kenapa macam kenal je. Kau duduk mana?
(Translation : You look familiar. Where do you live?)

Me : *Obviously I won't be that stupid to answer where I live. But even if I said I'm living in Ampang, and Ampang is so darn big, the world is small somehow, and probably, who knows we someday might meet again, and that time he might be a real rapist? So, with my stupid face, I answered* Erm, sorry, but I don't speak Malay! *I gave him a smile, showing off my braces. Well, I was acting all friendly unlocal-ish person.*

Stranger : Ooooh, sorry. *To my surprise, he speaks English! No no I'm not trying to condescend him*

Me : It's okay.

Well, this is not something that happen in my everyday life. But seriously, that guy looks soooo scary. When I was walking back to KLCC from Pavilion, theres this bunch of people, more like a group, lepaking at the roadside, and I walked in between Dinie and Dinnish. They look so freaky, and they stare at you one kind, and probably in their head thinking of an orgy. LOL! I mean who knows?

If only I could be like Sookie Stackhouse from the Vampire slash Comedy slash Romance tv series on HBO, I could read minds and bashing up every perverted guy on earth who's a hypocrite. Hmm hmm hmmmm.

Well, to make my wild imagination precise, lemme just, show you a photo which I googled on the internet, somewhat resembles the Stranger which I meantioned above.

Seriously, they look something like this. Like they would just stand or sit in a big circle of friends, and just stare at you walk past them. Scary kKKKk!

And one thing that bugs me. If you people notice that around the Bukit Bintang area, theres a LOT of guys wearing Skinny Jeans. It's been a while the trend's been like that. But I find guys look gay wearing Skinny jeans.

I mean, it looks OK and NORMAL for a girl to wear Skinny jeans because it shows off more of their curves and shapes. But guys, showing off their curves and shapes?? OMg don't that sound wrong?

It's like seeing guys wearing Dresses, and girls wearing tuxs.


Well, I'm done blabbering. Currently tired and moodless.


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