Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pupu: Tired, Stressed, + motivated.,

Holy Crap.
I'd been staying back in school till 4 p.m like almost everyday. Usually I sampai rumah then I just dozed off , then when I wake up I terus mandi then pergi tuition.

until like 9.30 pm or 8.30 pm.

I hate Thursdays most. I have to like walk to tuition from school then tuition sampai 8.30 only baru can balik rumah.

den I mandi. tidur.

It's so effing tiring.

I have tons of work I belum siap.
Bio notes have to like pass up on friday. -.-
Komsas ( i dun give a crap) Have to copy 11 babs of synopsis. not those short short synopsis . 1 bab can take up about 3 a4 sized paper okay.

Karangan - belum siap.

Chemistry - belum siap

the only work that is complete is only Math and Add math! Courtsey to Ms, Lau I respect her alot. :D

Sejarah module - empty.

and Exam is like....13th of May. and It's about 3 weeks? OMAIGOD?!

I need to be motivated.

Study techniques? Recommendation please.
and I SERIOUSLY need help with sejarah.
For those who say : Sejarah is very easy, just read, this that this, I don't need your oppinion, It doesn't help me. Because I dun understand a single crap written on the text book.

I need guidence. D:

Any1 who can help me with sejarah. please help meeeeeee T_T

Add math, kay im not weak in add math, I can do pretty well, but after awhile I tend to forget the formula O.o

Bio - Need help.

Chem- I love chem <3

Phy - Need..lil help


So I have this friend. I asked her how many A's did she get for SPM.
I was expecting like 5?

Then she told me she got 9A's 2B's @_@

I mean her pmr. She only scored 4A's. then SPM 9A's

That's like major improvement.

Cause some ppl who scored like straight A's during pmr, their spm isnt that good.

Obviously there's like ppl who scored straight A's during pmr then they score straight A's during SPM like JiMi and Joon yoon they all.

there are ppl who scored like straight A's in pmr then they only score like 5 or 4 during SPM also.

I feel kinda motivated by my friend's improvement. Congrats~ :D


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