Friday, April 24, 2009

Bye Bye people.

I will be away for five days, starting from tomorrow. Today, techinically @_@ Later.

I will miss everybody, and I will (not) miss school. HEHE. I will be missing school! Geddit, miss missing. LOl right.

So, um, I guess I'll still be the only girl, and will be sleeping alone and praying hard nothing will ever happen T_T

And I'll call everyone if I can't sleep or anything.

And I swear if u dare to scare me on the phone with your stupid ghost stories I swear you're not my friend and I will not want to talk to you anymore, and this is not a threat. because you know how chicken am I when it comes to these kinda things.

I swear I will pay Dwayne to f*8* your asses. Ok kidding @_@

See ya'll soon. love you peoplezzzzz

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