Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Brother Loving Test

is to show how a person loves his brother.


So, I was super bored in class, so I decided to kacau Divish a bit. I asked him a few questions about him, and his lil bro Venese (Pronounced as Vanish).

So, here it goes.

Elle : So, do you love your brother?
Divish : of course la!

E: Alright alright. So lets say, theres the last piece of fried chicken you both love to eat. Your lil bro is fungry, so are you. Are you willing to let him take it, or you just ignore him and continue on munching on the last chicken.
D : I don't eat chicken wan.
E: *smacks head* Then imagine it, that you both love chickens!!
D : Ok lah. Share lor. I also need to eat what.

E : Okay. So lets say, you promised your lil bro to go out with him. Not on a date, but like a brothers-day-out kind of thing. But then, last minute, your bestfriends ajaked you to go out with them, movies, etc etc. which will you choose?
D : Of course I go out with my brother la dengg! I promised already what.
E : jeeez I geddit.

Dwayne : errrrrrr... *thinks hard* Okay, maybe I drag him to join my friends la.
E: NO can't! You gotta choose between your bro, and your friends.
Dw : *silence.....*
E: Alright, take that as friends over bros *grin

Well, theres more. Ima dig out more infos from them :D

Last one!!

Divish : U kno a my brodder likes to play video game wan ar! He can play until 4.30 wan leh! summore school day u know!
Elle : erk. Oooooo, so, do u join him?
D : sure la! He's my only bro u know ar. If I don't play with him, who else wanna play with him ar? My sisters where got play vid games wan. but sometimes I play with my dad la.
E : hahahahaa oh.

But overall Divish won the whole challenge. See how caring they are?!

I feel so touched now.

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