Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Dear Beloved Husband.

Before I start my long monotonous speech, I just want to say, Mei, I really love you :D Not in a lesbiany way but... you know what I mean.

Lets see, lemme just give a talk on how I met Pupu.

It was waaay back in 2005, I was 11 then, and Pupu was 12. I was in Christy's then condo, and we we're swimming.

Swim swim swim, I decided to pretend like I was dead...... *hay rolling crickets singing* alright that was lame.

Suddenly, Christy screamed out my name, like really loud, and Pupu suddenly called out my name too! I was like giving my weird and farnay look. Eventually we got to know each other, introduced and all, and we mingled. Pupu was with her then bestfriend, Shahirah (I think)

So, I was stalking Billy on Friendster, then I found Pupu's profile. So I decided to add her, got her MSN address, and we started talking talking talking and talking. Almost everyday I can sit infront of the comp laughing my ass off. But I managed to re-attached it back (muahah another lame joke)

Then it was high school for me, and second year of Pu's high school.

On the first day, I remember where I was. The place where the Indian Uncle used to sell his food, yeah, exactly somewhere there, I saw Pupu.

"Eh!!! I KNOW HER!! *waved hysterically*"

..................Was ignored.

Ok nevermind, I tried again the next day. "EH!!!!! JESMYN!!!! (waves hyterically)." Fine fine, I did not scream at her but I just waved......I think.

Another ignore. Then came a long a new classmate of mine, also one of Pu's friends, she asked me, "Eh, you know Meiji?"

.............."Who's Meiji?"

"The girl you we're waving at."

"oh!! Yea, somehow she ignored me. Sombong la she. Hmmm."


So, there was like a, silent argument, and we backstabbed each other through the back.......Geddit. Back-stab. muahaha.

So blah blah blah, I decided to end all this and I confronted her on MSN. And it was aaaaalll a misunderstanding, so we patched back together :)


We started going outing together. Usually our outing was just the two of us. Sometimes we drag Michelle Lim too.

Then was with Ji Mi, AKA our mummy. Lets skip the Ice-Creamianz thing, it's sooo long and draggy. But I thank Pupu for inviting me in :)


Mei-Ji, we've been through many ups and downs together.

We've slept on the same bed together, humped on each other in the swimming pool, took lesbiany pictures before (=P),

got rings for each other, bought same tops together, been in the same toilet before, shared outfits, bags, borrowed your Charger, watched movies together, movie Marathon-ed, took Rapid KL bus, celebrated New Year's together and with others,

Went to Jason Mraz concert together with Dinie, shared fitting room together, and many many more, too long to list it down.

We've been through all the downs together too. Like how we were with the wrong dudes, and we even fought.

All the arguments we had, I realised, it made our friendship longer.

But now, it feels like we're drifting apart. I don't know whether is it me, or not, but thats how I feel.

So, I am making this post for Pupu's Day, to show how much I really love you (as a girl-friend), and I want all you bitches out there to read this, and know this, so, don't try to be fani fani with me because she is mine yo.

And for your birthday, I got a little something for you.

And theres more to come.

So for your birthday Dinner, just the two of us, I want you to put on a little dress, because I am wearing one lah :)

We're halfway grown ups now.

and for your birthday this year, I hope you enjoy, love it and embrace it, because you can only be sixteen, and you can only have one husband. LMAO.

Happy Birthday Mei :D


Wait for your present k? I ain't giving it to you tomorrow, just so you know. And I already bought it!!1 I swear!!!! LOL!!!!

-Sincerely, your lovely wife ♥♥

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