Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pupu: I'm back.

Technically "I had a dream"

Far in the woods, There were a bunch of friends living together in the hut, which is 5 of them. They were the closest friends ever, every1 of them are like family.

As years passed, They grew up. So two of em' decided to move out. But they promised to keep in contact, So their friend/relationship will last,


These are the 3 people left in the hut. Hooper and Pooper are the ones that left. They went to travel together. Hooper and Pooper they are always together, they do everything together.
As they travel from place to place, They send every postcard from the country that they have landed to Gooper, Dooper and Looper.

Gooper is the most wise of all, He is Funny childish and Smart.
While Dooper is the most passionate, but he is very short tempered.
Looper is the most friendliest of all.

But with three of them together, they are the flawless.

Gooper is always busy but when he has the time, he writes letter to Hooper and Pooper.
Dooper was getting arrogant. He never write to Hooper and Pooper at all. He only replies.(Get what I mean?)
But Looper always writes to Hoop and Poop. be continued

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