Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pupu: Choral Speaking competition

First of all,
I wanna thank Dikshana for lending me her Baju Kurung
and Tamy for the white shoes.

We went to SMA Rawang for Choral Speaking competition.

First, That school was.......

Let's start with the canteen. It smells like toilet. I wonder how do people eat there
and Their Toilet......Looks like the toilet from the horror movie histeria.
I hesitated to pee!
But still I had to peeeee I dun wanna pee on the stage.

We passed by the hall, and saw choral speakers from other school,
I must say they were awesome.

We were group 17.
So we had to wait in the class room

Sadly the hall cant fit all 21 schools.

when group 14 was performing.
We get to go into the hall.

Group 15 was in all boys school. I their topic was child abuse I perhaps.
and, their performance was ok-ok only.
They had no expression.

then next group was us.
group 16 dropped out.

We were the group that is multiracial :D
and I was impressed that the guys are finally doing facial expression and coorperating.
Together we sounded awesomeeeeeee!!

group 18
My favorite performance. The conductor was very good! and they are awesome and loud.
their flaw is.....all malay. (un-multiracial)

group 19
I'm gonna give a big swt face.
their topic was some kind of story which is horribly boring.

group 20
Some kinda child abuse also.
they were good.

group 21
Difference in people i think.
There's this girl that i noticed her facial expression was woahhhhhhhhhh! super good (y)
but they broke few rules though, Like u are not suppose to move ur legs.

After that, The judges was deciding the winners.

Some idiotic people were syok sendiri-ing. Cheering for their school -.- before the results were made.

But They didn't win! :D

It's funny though, they don't have 3rd place.
only 1st n 2nd.

they announced the 2nd place, which was group 21 from sri garing<-- idk how to spell.
They deserved it though, I like their facial expression.

We were panicking like hell, hopind we would win.

Then they announce,
"and the winners areeeeeeeeee................."
"group 17!!!"

We terus screamed! Thasha & Jie ying cried!

Well, We worked so hard for this, without teacher's help :D

here are some pictures of us showing off our trophies. EHHEHEHE
Mind you, I know I look horrible.

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