Monday, April 27, 2009


whoops. HELLO people Elle here!! I miss everybody@@

Firstly, CONGRATZ to the 4sc1 for winning the Choral Speaking.

And we, the debators *my team* which was sent to UIA for some Debate shit Camp, sadly we did not manage to enter the Octos. But both team A & B manage to win one round.

Many things to talk about, too little time!!

The best part about this camp is.... looking forward to go home.

Ok kidding.

Really, it is fun because we met Super AWESOMENESS Methodist Boys School guys, and they're extremely friendly and fun to be with.

But sadly they gotta leave like, today? And we have 2 more days to tahan wtf I seriously wanna go back since we're done with our debates already.

But I'm staying to watch the Finals.

And then we have to stay another night for the ceremony.

I tried persuading my mother to pick me from UIA, den send me back the next morning.

My mommy sounded troubled and all on the phone, and so I didn't wanna disturb them la.

But suddenly my mother said it's fine if I want her to pick me n all.

Deng, I missed the chance.

Oh, I haven't started with how I suffered here the first day we got here.

We arrived, i was kinda excited to get my room la. I thought sleeping alone was going to be fun since I;m going to have the room to myself, and I can have privacy to wear my clothes n bla bla bla. But didn't know that the room was freakin creepy!! It's like you're alone, and you're safe but you feel unsafe at the same time arrghh i dunno how to explain but it's like that la.

so, first night was hell. Thank you all of them, dinie, dinnish, waimin, iman, stan and effie. Lemme explain why. I cried the first day i got here. I cried 4-5 ffreaking times. They managed to console me and all and cheered me up.

So, thank you guys.

To be continued!

MSN is spamming my screen with multitudinous conversations!!

I know you people miss me.

And the best thing is, I wont be coming to school for the whole freaking week since I'll be back on Wed, and I'm skipping school on Thurs, and Fri is labour day!

So, miss me!!

I'll continue on whenever I'm free.


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