Monday, April 13, 2009



It started off with Friday night/Saturday EARLY morning, I slept super early, which is about like 2-3am, and woke up around 10 to get ready to go out with my lonely lovely husband to Pavilion, THEN her surprise belated birthday celebration which I will talk about it later on when I finally received the craaazy pictures.

So after that, I reached home about 12 and finally slept. Woke up the next day at 8am for Qing Ming, and I tell you that unfortunate Sunday was the worst Sunday ever. It was fucking hot, and especially our last trip to the last grave, well not really a grave, but still! They burned those stuff like Indoor, and the smoke and all was everywhere! Lucky Denise was wearing her glasses. At least it can block those smoke away. and the smoke kidna stung my eye. PAIN K.

Came home about 3-4?

Dinner, showered and all, it was about um... 12? Spent so much time on resting.

Woke up today for school, and I swear I was so sleepy I didn't even heard the alam rang.

after recess was hell. I was so tired and sleepy during Sejarah, I decided to like why not rest my head a bit. Soooo soooo tired...

Teacher talking....

still talking.......

and I....... SLEPT.

yes people, I unintentionally slept, until my annoying hair brushed onto my face which sorta woke me up, and its like 15 more minutes to the end of Sejarah class.

I turned back and saw ALL of them sleeping.

Aaah, what the heck. Tidur balik.

See see Gowrii woke me up when the teacher was about to leave.

.................. came home and sambunged tidur until before tuition.

Now that I'm home, im going to sleep again.

Bye people


Since I am (finally) blogging something, I just wanna thank these beautiful people (named listed alphabetically)

- Afiq
-Aunty Carol
- Denise
- Dinie
- Jian
- Meiji

Those who canceled on me

- Ashikin
- Dila Daddy pfftttttt
- Dwayne
- Ji Mi

(Well, thanks for cancelling after I, okay Meiji;s Mum booked.)

thank you people for attending Meiji's surprise birthday celebration. Thank you and Thank Aunty Carol (PUPU's MOM) for belanja-ing us dinner. I really appreciate it, and I will drag my family to go there to eat again. Thank you for being there ok people. I really sayang you all.

As u can see the look on her face................

to be continued.

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