Saturday, November 1, 2008

1st November, Saturday

See a few days ago, probably one week ago, my neighbour drived me home from school, and she sudden asked me whether I wanted to join this survey thing, and I have to bring a friend. So on the spot, I went through all of my friends, and Pupu was the first, DUH. Hehe well others are busy with exams, and Pupu finished her PMR already.

So I thought, okay a survey, I thought it'll be nerd-filled people, you know monotonous, dull and boring people and all but I was wrong lor. The people in Metrix is like so darn friendly I can move in with then anytime :D

Then pair by pair they came. So after that we were put in to some mini room. And I have to say, the people who went for the survey, they're like so OTT friendlyness. Some of them are Penny, Nicole, Cynthia, and the rest I cannot remember @____@

Penny looks like a doll. And she's very talkative. I mean, damn talkative. Talkative in a good way :) She's just so, bubly n lively. Yadda yadda Nicole and Cynthia, they're such pretty people @_@ and they don't look 15! Probably they look too mature for a 15 year old people but oh well :D

I had fun, like so much fun. So girls, when there's more survey in the future then make sure we enter k? HAHAHA.


I don't see the purpose of learning Sejarah. It's so boring, plus it's not like the History I'm learning is all true anyway. The government changed it a bit, and yet they WANT us to learn History for what? Knowing our [fake] history? =____=

English and Sejarah is on Monday. I'm soo going to flunk my Sejarah. Well, I better go read. It's better I read than not reading end up tembaking my papers. DAMN.

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