Monday, November 3, 2008

English Paper 1 & 2, Sejarah.

Funny conversation I had for today :

M - Hey okay ask me questions for Sejarah. Make it easy!
R - *asking question*
M - OMG hey gimme some clue la i have no freakin idea man
R - Okay starts from 'Si'
M - *thinking, was it 'C' or 'Si' ?* Okay okay, si... si... Siput lah.
Christy, Rajeshi Me - LOL.

Hey people! My exam today was a blast! Nah, not really. English Paper 1 was considered as tough. I had to think! So, it is, indeed tough. But at least I could answer.

History was *jumps down the building with sound effect* Well, I only could answer a few. Get it, A FEW. I envy people who can answer and score properly. Aaaah. Well as long as I could pass it then I would be so darn happy.

English paper 2 was the blast! It was my first ever time writing essay more than 200 words. Usually I hear my classmates say they wrote like 3 or 400 over and I'll be like, dang? How can you write so many words? So today was the day, I wrote 600 words. Filled with nonsensical craps. On the question paper there it says "You may elaborate your words nlah blah blah" But I guess I elaborated too much. Oh well just have to wait for the results, and I hope Pn. Lim wont get bored reading my essay.

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