Friday, November 21, 2008

Metal teeth

Heyya Peeps!! ^^ (Got too addicted to that line after imitating Jimi quite a few times)

So I went to the dentist a few weeks ago, which I can't remember the date.

Dr Patricia made a mould out of my teeth, it was disgusting.

So Helen set a date on the 21st, today, just to discuss with my Mummy and I about the braces.

Turns out that I don't need any extraction, that's great news.


If something wrong happened to me wisdom teeth, it can't grow out, then might need extraction in the future which will be very MAH FAN.

After that, the doctor implant 4 mini, very mini rubber band inbetween my teeth.

It didn;t hurt much, it just felt like, some big piece of meat stuck inbetween ur teeth,

but you cant get it out.

HAHAHAHA. Well it feels kinda stressful.

Nemai, I'm showing it off to Pupu on Monday XD


My uncle Johnny is opening a new outlet for his restaurant, Johnny's Restaurant, somewhere nearby I don't know.

I'm inviting Pupu along to the grand opening.

Other friends that wish to come to the opening, do inform me :)

Oh, I think Jian, Jimi, Joonhong and Tamy should know.

I mean I've brought them to eat there before.

In Bukit Bintang.

Needa pick outfit for that day!


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