Thursday, November 6, 2008


I, Pipi, have something tremendously important to say.

I thought I have the best classmates.

I never thought I'd ever say this,

but I thought that I Thought that I have the best classmates ever.

I thought they'd like me (as a friend).

I thought they wouldn't forget me.

I thought they are not selfish.

I thought they're so nice.

I thought they could be my BFF.

I thought that everything I thought, i could believe, hope and trust.

But then, my thoughts, are just THOUGHTS.

Keep on dreaming Elle.

Think it over Elle, Pipi.

Do you really think you have the best classmates ever?

*Well, I'd like readers, to send in comments *please dont be too stupid to type in the cbox. Do it in the comment section, it's below, just click it*, about your memories of classmates, or anything, about your classmate! I't be exciting to read :D*


Seeking... said...

The best... will be the best when u think they r the best.
I didn't have much memories of my classmates.
I only had my clique when i was in J1.. by then they weren't my classmates already anyway.
Well... they r the best that i can get i guess. (:
They r not completely trustable/ not completely nice/ not completely unselfish. but well..they r humans after all.

Accept and believe. Maddy (:

--BluEpaNDa-- said...

come on Elle, trust no one!! LOL~ ahaha~ okay, appreciate those which always be with you. Classmates? nah, classmates doesn't means friends. Just some people that study together in a small room and some people to talk to when you're inside that room and not being with your best friend(s). Ask me on msn for more of my classmates stories if you want to. ahahaha~

Pipi & Pupu said...

classmates...ditched me. in Ap. for asshole.

Pipi & Pupu said...

Andy - Well, people make mistake. but stupid people keeps repeating their mistakes over and over again.

BluePanda - Well, my classmates, some of them i knew since primary, day one, week one, how can i assume that they're not my friends? Cannot lah, LOL they mean everything, part of my everything to me.

Pupu - Well, thats quite a sad story isn't it darling?