Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pupu: Dreams can be scary too.

Yesterday's dream was awful.

People in it:
-Pei Jian
-Joon Hong
-Ms Lau (as a ghost)
-Mr. Tiew
-and more ghosts.

Location: My house.

One cloudy day,
It was kinda dark.

So, Mr Tiew, Ji Mi , Pei Jian and J.h
came to my house to take some stuff.

So as usual,
I would be onlining.

My computer,
is facing the balcony

It was kinda dark.

Ms Lau's Head was flying in front on me.
I was freaking shock!
I was like WTF!

I turned back and Mr. Tiew was gone.
Idk why.

Then more ghosts came in.

When we see ghost,
We are not suppose to react.

But Jimi, Pei Jian and Jh.
They were shock!
The ghosts saw them reacting.

So, They killed them

I was so shock on what they did to my friends!

Elle was living in the same condo.
Don't ask me why.

I ran to her house.
To warn her what happened!

As I wanted to bring her to see jimi and the others.

I saw many people on ground floor.
Wearing red cheong sams.

and My mother was there!

My mum said it's an arrange Marriage!

And I definitely Don't want that!

I told her,
I'm very upset,
My good friends passed away.

Elle was sobbing.
so was I.

My mum kept forcin me to get dress and get married.

But I refuse.

I didn't manage to bring elle to see Jimi's and the others dead bodies.

But I asked her to run away with me.

To avoid this marriage.

Elle was shocked!
on what I requested.

But She agreed in the end.
She told me she would pack first.

Then wE ran away together. =_=


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