Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pupu: "Another Missing Update" but from my point of view ;D

So here I am~
Blogging. Wow. I know, Pipi's always the one updating.
I'm not creative when it comes to blogging hehehe.

And yes, I stayed with pipi for a week.
That week was fantabulous!
All I can say is, We went out almost everyday!

So, everyone! out there, I don't care who you are! Where you're from!
China, USA, Singapore, Canada, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong,England, Alaska, Africa, India, Brunei, Indonesia and so on.

Yes! People from all around the world!
Camwhore as much as possible on 9th of December ;D
Try to make this day possible~ Camwhoring day =D

I want to thank Denise for belanjaing us Chilis.
And it was my first time trying chilis ;D

I have to say that the food there is Yummy and Filling.
Very very very filling.
Even Jian and Jimi can't finish their food! :p

I think.

Our days in Selayang was awesome!
Actually on the first day, We Movie-Marathon in our room until 6a.m.!
And we have to get up around 10 a.m @_@
We went to Sungei Wang and met up with Jian n Dila!

WE were soooo nervous meeting Dila!
We kept fixing our hair.
Well, because first impression counts!
and I have to say, Dila.....! You're awesome!
Dila's..ops. I meant Daddyy is very gregarious! Hehehe! and Jian n Dila are so sweet together!
They kept, snuggling and kissing =x

Well, we are very happy with our new Dad! tee-hee!
I can't wait to meet her on the 31st again! I'm sure pipi is excited too.

Did I mention I broke a nail when we bowled.
I'm never going to bowl again unless my nails are short. =p