Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Look at me!

I think I can lose weight because I've been stressing so much, and it's only the second day of school! Not even a week passed. Going to be third in a few hours =\

This ain't what I expected at all. School was dull, boring and I feel like sleeping. No wait, maybe school, I mean studies isn't boring. I guess it's just me.

My sleeping time haven't been adjust to the 'back-to-school' sleeping hour. It's like, not constant.

Day 1.

I slept at 3am, due to excitement and nervousness in me. Adrenaline rush (No link at all)! No actually I can't sleep because 3 is my sleeping time. I woke up at 6a.m, go to school, came back home, hardly ever rested and I gotta walk to Ampang Point. I was abused by Denise. And then her friend's came over. I layaned a few, and the other twos I detest, they die in a freak accident pun I don't give a damn. Eventually I slept early, 1am.

Day 2 (today)

Went to school, and started getting sleepy even before class started. Eventhough I think I got enough sleep, but somehow I was still tired. But today, I came back, showered, ate quickly, done maths homework, do some housework, and went to sleep. I slept around, 5-6? And I woke up at 11. And here I am, blogging.


School was okay I guess, I did nothing much. But overall it was fun, and yet boring.

There were 11 students from 2008's PMR candidates who got straight A's. And because of that, I think I'm starting to feel pressured and stressed up already. On the first day itself, I've already got homework which I have to finish it before the next day.

I don't know about past year's form 3. But I don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sleeping earlier, and woke up with 3 texts and 5 misscalls. Damn you people!! why can't you let me rest!!

And so I replied Dent very long after, and I told him I just woke up, and he texted me back with capitals saying "OH GOD YOUR SLEEPING TIME IS RUINED!" Yeah, thanks, and I should've known that already :P

I needa adjust back, like, real soon.

I miss the Shopping malls already. I miss spending money, on clothes, not on canteen food.

And Pupu been bringing food, must thank her. I'll only start bringing food when my Mom finally buy her groceries.

I am so sad.


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