Monday, January 5, 2009

Pupu: First Day of School.

is fucked up.

no, no. It's not the Jujurians.
I don't detest them like I used to.

WY is the one I loathe!

So I was assigned to 4sc1. and I can tell that they condescend me already.
The moment I walked into the class.
SHE gave me a stare.

and I immediately left that class and went to sc2 to beg Nessa to come to sc1.
Then, I went into the class and went to Fakhirah and Aimi.
After that, Teacher asked us to take chair and table.

I'm seated at the door near a dust bin.
Lucky of me.

Amanda n Shareni's in front of me.
and they wanna change to sc2?!
I'm gonna the completely alone in sc1! fook.
and it's not funny wai min. I know u're laughing right now. TT

I have to beg them to stay like a beggar begging for food.
though I know the jujurians still hate me.
I'm trying to be friends with them again, but dunno how to make a move.
and yet, I'm thinking no. better not.
coz Crystal onced said im desperate for friends? =_=
later she say again.

okay nemai.

that's not the only thing I wanna complain about.
The location of the class.
suck ass.
It's suppose to be in the new block!
and We got a class with a broken door. So much for 4sc1!


That's not the only thing I wanna rant about.
The canteen.

everything changed!
The food turned suckier!

completely moodless,


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