Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pupu: Joke of the Day.

I don't know whether is this uproarious to you. But it seriously crack us up!.

Today me n pipi went to Christy's house.

She told us her neighbour's a korean.
I saw a woman in the kitchen. and I said..oh, I see her.
I asked. "Got son ah?"
Me n pipi was waiting for her answer.
Then she said, "no la, just finish raining, where got sun"

Pipi and I laughed! and she was like blurr.
"what?" she said.

We were like, We ask whether ur korean neighbour have got son anot. not the sun!.



So we were sitting in her balcony.
christy's mum was like. If got no gas we order pizza. if got gas I cook.
Then Christy ask? "huh? Guest? Who's coming?"

I told her.
G-A-S. not guesttt

Like a dumb blonde.


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