Monday, February 9, 2009

Pupu: The night I was rolled on.

Yesterday, pipi asked me out. It was kinda last minute but our day was very unexpected.

So, I went to her house around 2, and left around 3.

We decided to have a lunch since we were both very hungry.
We were craving for Wendy's!
and went to Time square. Guess what?
It's not even open yet -.-||

Then we headed to Pipi's uncle's restaurant. Johnny's Restaurant.
We took some pictures while waiting for our food.
After lunch, we went to look for white dresses for our "wedding" and Pavillion.
We walked almost the whole mall, then we thought of tangs!
Because there's nice dresses there.

and Finally we found super gorgeous dresses there.
and not to mention expensive.
We decided to make it our "wedding day"
After we changed.
We were about the take picture
Pipi went through her bag, and she was like "Oh, shit."
"I think I left my camera in Johnny's"

She called the restaurant, and thank god they kept her camera.
They are so honest :)
So we quickly change back into our outfits and rushed back to TS.

Jesus Christ it was a tiring day.
Unlike other days we stay up until midnight,
Yesterday we left around 6 or 7 p.m.

We were loitering in Pipi's room.
Then we thought of Christy.
So we decided to call and ask her whether could we go to her house for a swim.

We went to her house arounf 9.00 and we swam till 10.
We kena halau by the guard. LOL.

Then we camwhored gila-gila at Christy's balcony and with her mirror. :D
We lepaked there like until 12?
Then we went back to Pipi's house.

I was very tired, So I went to bed first. and It was around 12.30.

I hear people faking their snore and laughter.
it woke me up.
but I didn't bother and I wanted to continue sleeping.
Then I heard "Mei Ji angry Mei Ji angry"

and out of no where, Pipi rolled over me.
Then She rolled on me again.
After that, Christy wanted to give it a try,
So she TRIED rolling on me but failure attempt

But that didn't stop pipi from rolling on me.
It's like her rolling persuaded Christy to roll on me.
Then christy gave a second try.
and she succeeded.

I have to tell you,
I was being rolled on like sushi yesterday. @_@

and according to Pipi's previous post.
She was asked out by 3 guys first. D:
Then I asked her out.
She abandoned me. LOL jk. :)

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