Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Boring life.

My life is so boring, seriously. But first of all, before I start with my boring rants about my boring life and my boring school life, and proceed on with more boring rants about boring people and about my boring self.

You're 19 and getting older and older.
No more drunk driving, going to clubs, taking drugs, and no more smoking.
Just kidding. Well, old people are boring, so don't be old k? :)

Continue with my ranting. School's being a bitch, I'm bitching myself too. I've been sick, and thank dog I'm ok now. But I tell you my voice is horrible, my throat hurts, my flu is not OK, and I have symptoms of SWINE FLU. And I've been the laughing stork of the class about the Swine Flu, my voice, and how I look like in school everyday.

They said I look like a dead person. Or in Malay, I look like Bangkai hidup. LMAO.

(I'll talk about the UIA later on I swear. But wait after Waimin finally sends the pictures. Or I go get it myself)

Ok peoplezz lemme continue with my rant today, about my classmate.

I found out today, she used me, as an excuse to get out from her own mistakes and wrong doings.


Why? She did not bring her Sejarah Module to school, and teacher questioned her why (don't all teachers do that?). And knowing the teacher will get angry because it's all the teacher's hard work and effort to even make a Module for us, and of course, the teacher would freak knowing she did not bring it.

And knowing that I'm absent from school, she used me as an excuse instead. What am I huh?

When the teacher questioned her, she said, "Oh, Ellise borrowed my Module and she didn't come today." (Right, and she wont be coming to school for the whole week)

I mean, she told me! And she can smile sweetly n all. And she said sorry. Sorry doesn't cut it. The teacher might think that, "Oh, how irresponsible am I not bringing her module, and why would I want to borrow someone else's Module?" Lets just put it in a way that, she's putting me down and making teacher's perception towards me change.

I don't like that.

I certainly did not borrow her Module. and I'm starting to think whether she even has one, or did she even paid for her module?

Continueing, she apologised and all, and me trying to keep my cool, like I always do (not hehehe), I just gave her a forced smile and kept quiet. Padahal dalam hati I wanted to scream at her and say what the fuck if wrong with you woman. Cool elle, cool.

No, but seriously, I am so angry at her, I'll just someday let Karma finish the job.

I feel so used, what turf

And where are my friends. Takkan nobody knows about this?

Omigawdzzzzz people.

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