Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 2 exam.

Exam is taking it's toll on me. It's killing me softly. Really. Today I had English paper 1&2, and Pendidikan Seni (Arts).

And for Arts, we don't build mini sky-scrapers out of straws, bottles or recyclable items. All we have to do is read the textbooks and answer ABCD for each question. But that's not ridiculous. What ridiculous is the question. Now I'm not good in arts, whether it comes to answering questions or drawing a stick figure.

I suck at both.

Moving on. Who reads seni anyway? I was concentrating for me English Literature. And oh my duck I was so happy when the Paper 2 Section C came out about charaters in the novel. I've revised and memorised, so it wasn't that hard on that section. Section A was quite tough. I was so tired of writing and thinking, all I could thought of is going home and sleep, since it's a Friday.

So, usually I can write about 2 papers for one essay, but I just used up 1 paper instead. Not my best. But I guess my essay was not bad for me, since I added Hugh Jackman in it, and elaborated on how sexy he is and I wanna lick his abs (he has abs?) Okay just kidding. I didn't elaborate on Hugh Jackman. Because he was one of the boatmen, and the person who guids the students (in the essay, duh.) I mean, I can't be talking about how sexy the Mr.Boat-guide-man is, and how I wanna lick his abs, right? If I did, I guess teacher would burn my paper. LOL.

But overall, I still think my BM Paper2 was way much more easier compared to English paper 2. Maybe because it was sort of expected what would come out for BM. I did my homework =)

Next, I'm just gonna concentrate on my Science, Maths and Geography. I suck at Maths, and Geography. Science, hmmm I guess I'm okay with it.


Well, I really have nothing to talk about these days. Nothing much has been going on in my life. Besides studying. studying, and more studying.

I really can't wait for exams to be over. After that then I can start over my old habit. Sleeping like a pig. yes. I'm so darn good at it, nobody can beat me :D

Well, okay. I'm going to oink oink.

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