Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Haha and ha.

Muka menyampah. LMAO. Just kidding.
Picture taken during Pupu's surprise birthday dinner.
Sorry girls....and guys. But he's taken. Erm, I mean, he's been booked :P
(not by me, duh)

Just now, very very not long ago, my Abang Afiq called me, asking me to go Paintball with him, my sister and etc etc.

You know, me being the so-not-sporty kinda person, I declined lah.

Afiq : Whyyy???
Me : Because...... Because I don't like to sweat!
A : Ok la, I take umbrella and cover-cover you.
Me : Errr, what does umbrella gotta do with sweating?

Haaaaaa, then,

M : Ok fine. Later I kena shoot how? Damn pain one lorrrrr.
A : Ala, u duduk one place, i cover-cover for you. Biar everyone shoot me.

Ye lah, then whats the point of me paying rm45 just to sit down and watch people shoot you? pfffffffft.

A : Ala, go la, go la. Got one hot guy there, I introduce him to you la!
M : Wah, oh, ok.
M : Tengok dulu la, hahaha.
A : Ala, ok fine. U come but just sit and watch only.
M : Oh, ok chun.

Errrr. Sorry la :P but it's in the morning and I have extra class for science on that day. MUAHAHAHA.

And next, Dinie's got 17 days left to convince me WHY I should go to Relay For Life 2009 @ MSN. Eleh, not that I don't wanna go.... But, 17 days, Dinie!!

Anyways, this is a meaningless post. Shows that my day is fine, and getting better. But still, boring.


I wanted to talk about this since last week, but I didn't wanna sound like I'm complaining. Since my recent posts had been happier posts, then I might as well chip in some complains.

It's about a person, who teaches Moral, but the person itself, langsung tak bermoral. Why I say this? For God-knows what reason, she made us sit in the library, and do our own things.

So, as she was sitting on the couch,

Me : Hi cikgu. (Read : Hi, teacher.)
It : Apa hi-hi??? ( What hi-hi???)
Me : (wtf, say Hi also cannot??) Takde apa la, cikgu. (walks off) (Nothing la teacher.)

I don't wanna further say anything, nanti terlanjur susah pulak, kan?

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