Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May baby.

Happy Birthday To
Christy Lau Yee Shan

It's been about 8 years since we've met, and I swear to anybody and everybody I never regret every moments we had. The good and the bad, really. I even still remember her first words to me, and it was still clear and fresh in my head, and it feels like, wow, it just happened yesterday.

Evil faces. Hantu-hantu SK Kuala Ampang. Messing around with my webcam :)

Yes yes, she was the one who approached me first. I still remember where I was standing. It was outside of our classroom, we were in the different class at that time. It was recess. I already knew Waimin at that time, but I didn't really noticed Christy, but I knew her name.

She hates taking pictures.

Her first words to me was, "Are you Ellise Tan May Lynn?" Full name, clearly said, easily understood. "Yeah, are you Christy Lau Yee Shan?" Well, I didn't exactly remember how I knew her name, but it was like that. And we were friends already. It was really really awkward at first. Imagine, some stranger come up to you, asking whether you are so and so? Stalker much. But at that age, we never knew what stalking was, and in school, theres no such thing as strangers or discriminating, or condescending. Everyone was just, friends.

Naf Naf.
Sunway with Pupu and I. Aaah, good times :)

But eventually we became close during standard two. Rajeshi said that, I was the one who introduced Christy to her. I can't really remember. All I know was, I had a big fight with my old gang, so I went to Christy. So, Christy had a gang too, back then. Pravin, Rajeshi, Kohila and Kah Yan was in it. I was the last to join, I guess.

Look at me, woman!
She's too engrossed with the computer.

We had many friends back then, when the school had more students compared to now. Sekolah Kebangsaan (1) Kuala Ampang. Aaah, too much memories there. I wish I never left primary school :(

Anyways, we became close. Too close.

Owh yeah Finally :)

In Primary, Barry, Waimin, Siva, Sim Gin, etc etc was our friends, and some of them still are. But since they moved out, we didn't have many friends already, so, we stick together, and nothing ripped us apart. Bak kata pepatah melayu, air dicincang tidak akan putus~ LOL. It's like, everywhere we go, we're always together. Toilet lah, here and there, everywhere! We even have our own territory in the canteen. Like this special table, everyone knew it was ours, and nobody sat there except us.

Visited SK Kuala Ampang for their Sports day. 28th February

And Christy, remember when we were in standard 3 or 4, your mum always put you in my place, for months. After school you'd come to my place, and we'd play all day, God knows what we do, I can't even remember! We keep playing and playing until we forget about studies and homeworks, and even lunch, or showering! LOL. Good times huh.

And proud to say, we used to shower together too! Well, we never knew what privacy or being shy was, but this was something we never really share to our friends. But we're big now, so I guess it's okay :P

Owh, crap. She's ignoring me again T_T

And I also remember our moms used to bring us everywhere. Like theres once my mom brought us to my aunt's place in Selayang, and it was awesomely great. And your mom used to bring me to her old cafe in somewhere I don't know, and she made the nicest spaghetti I've ever tasted (then. I furgot how it tasted already but I remebered it was great). And all we did was play play play and play!

We play too much without realizing our grades were badly dropping until the extend our moms have to keep us away! hahahaha.

Do you know, it's sooo hard to get a picture of her!

Then remember how our moms used to complain soooo much about us eating sooooo slow? If can, we would just sit down on on the dining table and eat very very slow! really. It'd take Christy and I about 2-3 hours just to finish up one meal! I don't know and I don't remember how that was, but I do remember there was once, I ate sooooo slow and I refuse to drink water, then my daddy sent me to Selayang, it was late night, and he locked me somewhere, ALONE, and in the DARK! And seriously, theres rats n cockroaches there. I just sat somewhere and cried, until my auntie and one of her worker came down and consoled me. Then, I stop eating slow already. I don't know about Christy :P But we eat fast now! LOL.


Then, remember how we used to sleepover at each other's place? When you were at my place, we were awake until 6am and we were singing Simple Plan's Welcome To My Life, and my maid was furious because she was trying to sleep, but we kept singing! LOL. We stayed til 6am, and we played monopoly. We're craaaaazy I tell you.

Swimming @ the old condo. Aaah, I miss those moments.

And remember Lala? Not lala the food or Lala the (^_^)(v) but Lala the cat. In primary, we had this cat, we called it our cat, and Christy found her. And her name was Lala. We claimed it to be ours because nobody bothered about that cat, and some juniors even pulled her tail, throw stuff at her. Pity cat! Since Christy used to have a cat, and her neighbour also have a cat, she could just easily bring her cat food and feed Lala, but eventually her cat food finished up. And so, she gotta steal it from her neighbour. Ouch. But we fed Lala, took care of her, and it made me less afraid of cats. Not dogs but cats. But somehow, Lala went missing, and it seems like she never came back. We were sad, at first. But, life goes on...right?

Stoned face. LOL.

Aaaah, the fights. I'll never ever forget what I did to you last time, and I know you hated me for that.

We we're figting brutally, until the extend I took a broom and smack it on her. Aaah, painful I know! But I couldn't even remember what was the fight about! All I know is we were chasing each other around, in tears, and I just took the broom and shove it to her face. No no, I hit her on the face with the broom. Then I ran to the junior's class, and Pn. Zalina was there, and I was crying, and some of my friends were trying to cool me down. Pn Zalina asked me what happened, I was in tears, and all I remembered was I said, "I cannot tahan with her anymore. I always bersabar with her but now I cannot sabar already!" Well, we were kids.
Good friends, good times :D

And theres one more fight, in school, and it happened during Teacher's Day. Last time, I used to look forward to Teacher's Day, simply because it was time for us to lepak, and give presents to our favourite teachers. and Last time, all of the teachers is our favourite. And I tell you, that was the worst Teahcer's Day celebration I've ever had. I didn't know what and why we were arguing, but next thing I knew, we were grabbing each other's collar, and we Pulled up our skirts wtf. It was so embarrassing because everybody started circling us around and watching us! Lucky the teacher's didnt really know about it.

*My scanner still not working*

And there was once, a smaaaaaaaall incident which became a big issue.

Denise was showering, and cheeky little Christy went and off the water heater. Obviously Denise was furious when she got out form the toilet, and she started questioning people. I was sooo innocent then, and Christy pointed out that I was the one who asked Christy to off th ewater heater! Then Denise yelled and scolded me, and I took over the blame. Sad sad. Then I 'merajuked' with Christy for a while :P

Nak Jugak. nah nah, Waimin and Ah Ben :D

I always remember, everytime Christy and I have a fight, her mom, Aunty Sherin will always be there to console us, coax us, and make us talk about it.

Oh yea, I still remember Christy and I used to have this 'secret handshake'. I dunno if I still remember it or not.

And theres once, we had an argument, and Aunty Sherin make us hug each other and forget about everything that happened. Well, we were too embarrassed to hug, instead we did our secre handshake, but Aunty Sherin insisted that we must hug. So, we hugged, and Aunty Sherin hugged us too. I was feeling sentimental-ish, I wanted to cry but I hold back my tears.

Look! Happy face :D

Oh yeah, there was once, when we had an argument/fight, Aunty Sherin purposely made Christy go to my place after school, and she'd pick her up after work, and we were close friends again. I even told Aunty Sheri whether Christy could come again the next day! Haha. My god. I wish we were young ang naiive again. Things were soo much more less complicating like now.

Even now, when recently I had a small fight with Christy, nobody's at fault, but I was sort of hurt. We were both hurt, and I wanted some time for myself to just forget about everything. Aunty Sheirn was there to listen to me rant (eventhough it was on Facebook. LOL) And I know it'd hurt Aunty Sherin to see us fight. Don't worry aunty, I love you as much as I love Christy, and I love Christy more than ever :)

And I thank you Aunty Sherin for all of your help and moral support in many ways, in making our friendship lasts this long, and you, making sure it never breaks. I appreciate everything you've done for us. Everything for me, Christy and our friendship. I love you Aunty :)

I think this was taken like a very very long time ago. That's auntie Sherin and Christy.
They both look sooooooooooooo cute kan?

And to Christy, Happy 15th Birthday, and I'll always be your best friend, and you can always count on me.

Love you sooooooooooo much :D

I hope, whatever bad that happends in the past, we'll just take it as a bad moment, hoping we'll laugh about it in the future. I know I've hurt you alot, and I've been hurt too, and I apologise for everything, truly, everything that I've done. I've been soo bitchy, intolerant, I've also been a backstabber. and you're sooo patient to me. You're a true friend, really, from the bottom of my heart :)

And for your birthday present this year will be something crazier, extra ordinary, and you are gonna love it! I just hope Aunty Sherin is gonna be OK about it.

[p/s : I have many more pictures to upload but my stupid stupid scanner is not working! It never works. So, um, I'll post up the pictures old pictures, when we were in primary :P when my scanner is finally working! :)]

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