Thursday, May 21, 2009

Short updates.

Christy loved the post, and she said she was touched about it. Awww! I'm touched coz you're touched too! And not to forget bout Aunty Sherin. I heard she was speechless. hehehehe :) And Christy even said it was the bestest present. Thank you!

So anyways, this morning, in school duh. I was ruching between going to another table and talk to Dinie, and running across the canteen to the other table to study with my friends.

The annoying Person (refer pevious post) still calls me! I ignored the first phone call because it was only set to vibration, and I was running around so I didn't feel the vibration.

Incoming call : +60320268056
21.05.2009 | 06.56.38am
-Missed call-

Incoming call : +60320268056
21.05.2009 | 06.58.33am

I picked the second call, to see who's the one talking, and whether or not the Person is gonna curse at me like how HE did yesterday. And by the way, if you didn't noticed, the number who called me today, and yesterday's the SAME. Alright, the SAME.

M : Hello, yeah.
P : Hello, is this Ellise? (or did he say, can I speak to Ellise?)
M : Yeah.
P : So, it's me. So I heard you're having exam today.
M : Yeah.
P : Ohh, so what exam you having?
M : Don't know.
P : What? What u mean you don't know. Don't tell me you don't have the time table?
M : I dunno la! I'm busy, bye!

Right. Busy ignoring and avoiding you that is. So, what you think huh. I've been telling Dinie, it's the SAME exact person!

Dayuuum. I never never never expected things to turn out this way. Like someone said before. It's just like eating a fruit and finding sh*t inside. As for now, I'm just looking for a way to revenge back. But revenging is too mean already. Well, we'll just wait for Karma to do the job.

Probably a big yellow school bus will run his brains over? Or maybe.... He just have a sudden heart-attack, and his eyeballs start popping out, and blood starts gushing out from his ears and nose, and eventually he dies. haha. Ok kidding.


My day today was OK-OK. Not bad, but not good either. Today was the first day of our mid-year exams, and I tell you,.. it was... OK.

Except History was a little bit vomit-blood-ish. I knew the answers! Well, most of them. And I was quite happy because most of the thing I read the day before, actually came out!

Except for form 3, the CLC part, I thought that wouldn't come out so I didn't really read it and turns our like 3 -4 questions came out and I panicked! So duh, I tembak la.

And the Form 1 chapter 7, about Johor, I was so confident with my answer, because I knew Johor had good administration. But somehow I got the question wrong. Damn it!

And the first question, Panglima Awang was the first Malay to berlayar ke seluruh dunia. I was unsure of that, and I was wondering who the heck is Panglima Awang??

I answered B, which is berlayar ke seluruh dunia, and it was right. But when I see my answer sheet was full with B's, I changed it to D instead. But then I still think B is right! So I changed backk to B. But then I the thought of, theres so many B's already! So I put D instead. I shouldn't have changed the answer.

And theres one more. The question says, where did Tunku Abdul Rahman announced the DATE of Merdeka? And I answered Dataran Merdeka, KL. But the correct answer was Padang Merdeka Bandar Hilir, Melaka. Oh shiet. Seriously I didn't read the question properly, and when I saw Dataran Merdeka I immedietly circle and blacken the answer. Not to self : Always read question and answers before answering. I swear I did not see the word DATE there. Ohmygod.

Well, Bahasa Melayu Paper was ok. Kinda expected what was coming out. Paper 1 was not bad too. Not easy, not hard, but I can answer lah.

Tomorrow's English Paper 1&2, and Seni.

Wish me luck.

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