Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pupu: After a long moment of being M.I.A

Don't blame me laa, I very malas to blog x) andnothingmuch. heh!
Thank god my wife rajin to blog if not this would be as dead as hell,
As I was reading the old posts. came to realize our blog were quite popular back then. o_o.
Now it's like......Elle malas to blog.
I'm malas to blog as well. xP
and our topics last time quite chun wey. Vainness

Speaking of which, I really wanna make a new blogskin but We dont have any recent pics of us as my wife is in her pmr year. Prolly year end laa that's the only time we have left, after that I;ve got my spm. and when im done she pulak got spm ~_~

and Obviously I have haters as it's shown on the CBOX. (your right ==>)
Some chick/dick that uh....tries to immitate us and stuffs.

But LOL, you should know that idc. idrc at all. haha.

Next up,
I want to say. God is amazing.(pipi knows why)
This issue, i shall post it in the private blog anytime soon.







xD I wanna go out heh!

Losing weight process.

Basicly, I don;t think ppl can tell, but i lost weight! heh!
but in an unhealthy way.
Last time i measured my weight in Bukit Jalil I was 52kgs.
then recent i went there, im 48.5,
Okay So, what I did recently (these few months)
I only eat one meal a day.
Last time my meal was one meal a day too but with awesome meals la.

But then now I eat watery porridge with eggs fish or tofu only.
I guess this is the fastest way , eating food with low calories and cholestrol.
and when im hungry I eat IKO biscuits.
Sugar free, hi fibre, no cholestrol, which basicly helps you poop.
but, it;s sugar free n no cholestrol so, no matter how much u eat it would still be okay.

and According to my bio book. Chapter 6: 'Nutrition.
Fibre makes u feel full, however we dont absorb the nutrients.
So, eating food with high fibre is the best way to go on a diet instead of straving yourself.

I'm actually satisfied with my size. but only, my upper body.
Im very unsatisfy with my lower body which is my thigh .
It;s huge fat n ugly. LOL
I think I understand how XX feels now huhu.

Not to mention, I;ve officially left Friendster (months ago)
and migrated to Facebook and it's veryyy addictive.

So here's a tagline :
What happened to looks don't matter?
I guess, Looks do matter after all.


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