Monday, July 27, 2009

Pupu: Helloooo~~

Chong Hwa Independent Charity Dinner
Yehhhh, I remember that!!
It was elle first time to Chong Hwa independent and fell in love with that school.
Who wouldn't?
I mean it's huge.
It has two huge Canteen with awesome food
(yong tofu etc etc)
7 Basketball courts.
huge huge huge Dewan.
The only flaw is.
it's a Chinese School LOL.

So, I skipped school today :P
and blogging here while Pipi is studying in class x)
Exam's tmrw, but it's only up2.
I doubt people study for that exam, though I did a few last minute study heh.

recently my connection is like shit.
When I downloaded movie last time it took me only 4 hours.
Now it takes 2 days TT
But it's worth the wait.
I downloaded The invisible (2007) The remake one
and It was awesome
Basicly this Guy(Nick)
He orang kaya but then he lost his father when he was a kid.
The mother it's damn controlling, never bother about his interest.
Nick loves writting poems so he saved up his own money to curi curi further his studies in London without telling his mum.
Mean while his best friend (Pete) always kena bully by Anne
She orang gangster, family very poor one.
She sayang her little brother alot and they have family Issue.
Her dad divorsed Anne's mum and married a new wife,
Then the new wife useless one. She doesnt cook for them blablabla.

So Anne robbed a jwellery shop, with the help of her boyfriend(Marcus)
but then Anne dun wanna share the jwellery with Marcus
Then marcus got pissed off and call the cops.

Then the cops caught her, she she immediately thought it was Pete who told the cops.
Then she go hantam him.
Pete canot tahan her hantaming then He relunctantly said it was Nick who told the cops, Thinking that it would stop anne from bashing him, because he thought Nick was already in London.

But then with Epic fail Nick's mum found out about his plans so eventually he didnt go lor.
Then he was walking home from this party,
Anne and her gang ikuted him and bash Nick kaw kaw while Pete was watching with pain. ouch.
Anne and her Gang terbunuh Nick , and they went Oh Shit.
So she threw him in a dirty longkang in the forest.

and then next day, Suddenly Nick walked out from the forest, terus went to school,
and He noticed that people are ignoring him, So he threw this book at the shelf,
Then He looked back, the book was never moved and the shelf was still okay.
Then he tried to get the attention he realized that, he can affect nothing.

So then he was walking pass this hospital and there was this old man, he waved at him.
Nick was curious, why the old man can see him, then
He went up to cari the old man.
The old man said that, He can no longer be seen by anyone because He was killed.
Realizing that he himself now is is own soul, and He would have the chance to live again if he can solve his own death.


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