Monday, July 27, 2009

Pupu: Marathon

You know,
When I was in primary school, I was damn atheletic.
I joined almost everything haha.
Mostly running though

My Primary School Medals. xD
Then when I enter high school
form1 I was still semangat.
Then form 2 I got really lazy and started gaining weight and all those.

Then recently,
I go to the gym every friday
and then my mum told me, hey got marathon in Bukit Antarabangsa, Wanna join?
So I said, why not?
for the sake of losing weight :p

Which was yesterday. The marathon.
7km Kinda short la. I mean for a marathon.
usually it would be like 25km blablabla.

But It was kinda fun, even though i was alone.
I mean I went alone.
and no hot guys.~_~

I didnt bring anything to the marathon, So..sorry no pictures.
But I did camwhore when I came home.

My fake Adidas ;) and my sweaty ugly hair.

Not to mention It was kinda tiring, not because of the distance
but because of the slopes everywhere
It's so friggin steep.

Group B 054 x)
Yes, I stole that number thing for memory heh.

Not to Mention they actually give T shirts.
and sadly they ran out of my size.T_T

So, Next Marathon would be Mizuno Wave Run.
Date:25th October 2009 (Sunday)
Venue: Stadium UPM, University Putra Malaysia, Serdang
Time:7 30 A.M.
Entry Fees: RM 35
Distance: 10km
A. Men Open (Age 13 above)
B. Men Veteran (Age 40 - 50)
C. Men senior Veteran (51 above)
D. Women Open (Age 13 above)
E. Women Veteran (Age 35 - 45)
F. Women Senior Veteran (46 and above)

Lai Lai~ Jom join, I'm Joining :D

Entry Form :)
P/s: Who knows? Maybe Kenny Sia would be there ;P


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