Monday, November 2, 2009


Oh gawd. I know how I once said I hated Nando's for their uberly sucky service but I am begging to differ nowwwww!

Ya Allah please make Nando's call me pleaseeeeeeee!!!

After work yesterday mommy n daddy came to pick me up.

So for Din din, denise wanted to eat Nando's. So, we headed to Nando's AP to buy din din.

While waiting for my take aways, I asked whether they're employing for the Call centre. And they gave me some paper to fill up, and they say they would call me latest the next day. it's the next day already and I haven;'t been getting any calls besides texts!!

Which by the way my bus driver is being an unpleasant woman wtf.

I am praying. Ya AllahhhH!! T_T

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