Sunday, November 8, 2009

Rant post.

Do not proceed if you don't want to.

But I haven't been complaining in days. Or weeks.

And I just realized I've been such an angel. :P I hardly curse and solemnly mean it. Except for just now, that was my first! XD

I feel like complaining. I've been bottling up my angers so much I can feel I'm about to explode. But somehow everytime I get angry and pissed, I will somehow forget about it half an hour later, or soon.

Why ah.. because, A) I get to go home already. B) I have my friends/sister visiting me at work.

I'm starting to get really used to working already, and thinking about the money I'd get and the thing I want keeps me alive n strong everyday. There are times (most of the time actually) I feel like quitting and just sit at home and chill out, lepak here and there. But I choose not to. Even JH said that "Usually ppl at your age will enjoy the holi kao kao. but why la you go work."

It's because I want it. And it is yet to come (please do not spoil my surprise for my dear readers though all my friends knows the IT).

Eventhough I hate my job to the max, I feel like murdering myself or faint on purpose, or even paying someone to kidnap me for fun and for real, I am dedicated to my job (cewah), and I do it properly.

If you already have a job, please lah, don't be such a sour grape. You're the one who wants the job, so do it properly!

I have many things to talk about actually, but I rather not because I am already not in talking terms with this person and I wudn't wanna make it worse -_______________- But seriously, I feel sort of regret working. because if I knew this would happen, I wouldn't even have the thought of inviting him, sorry to say, but yeah. I don't expect anyone to quit.

All I'm asking for is, if you have a freckin job, do it properly.

I hate it when the restaurant's busy, and I have tons of tables to clean and set, and customers on the other hand asking for bills, refills and such. While the other is just "busy" doing other petty stuff. Come on lah.

Aih, I really don't want to talk about this now.


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