Saturday, October 4, 2008

Random Post

Thank you for your post pipi =) and I shall take it from here. hoho

Sadly, I'll be facing PMR in another 8 more days.
No worries! I'll survive! Haha =D
After I finish my PMR I will try to update more okay?I know I'm a lazy blogger.

Let's pray for Pipi with her metal teeth.
She will definitely look wonderful with her new smile after her braces.

After my PMR and Pipi's Finals, we planned to buy a pet hamster!
YUP! We're gonna take turns to take care of our pet hamster.
BUT we're not sure whether could we buy one without our parent's permission yet.

pray for us *amen*

Pipi came up with this marvelous idea of getting a pet hamster so I thought why not?
We're gonna check it out in AP and Great Eastern Mall.
I don't really know where else to buy them.
Do you? Post it in the comment box if you do hehe.

Names we came out with:
`Nipples *swt*

Don't worry, the name's not confirm yet.

with Love,


Anonymous said...

Good luck to both of you!haha..

~BluEpaNDa~ said...

all the best for your PMR and Pipi's final~~

Pipi & Pupu said...

Thank you Kimmy and bluepanda. =)

with love,

~BluEpaNDa~ said...

and bout the FAV!!!!!!!!!!! i got few b4....thy are DESPERATE for SEX better take care bout that or else you'll get 30++ after few wheee~~ love hamster~

Pipi & Pupu said...

We're only getting one. lol =)

with love,

~BluEpaNDa~ said...

thn the hamster will bored to death........

still love hamster~~